Pool construction services and swimming pool design Thang Loi

  • Would you like to have a private swimming pool for your family
  • Would you like to own a four-season, indoor or outdoor pool
  • Do you want to build a smart pool
  • You like swimming, want to build swimming pool for business
  • You want advice on pool design and business efficiency
  • You want a professional and fast swimming pool builder at an affordable price
  • You want more than that …

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==> Thang Loi pool construction company will meet all your needs.
With many years of experience in building swimming pool technology, designing smart swimming pools and providing swimming pool equipment with large and small works nationwide.

Thang Loi Swimming Pool Company offers you service:

Swimming pool construction services, pool design consultancy

Our company is an exclusive equipment supplier and skilled construction teams, able to execute all projects of family pool, resort, works of all sizes, install all equipments Swimming in Vietnam as well as in Southeast Asia.

Process of swimming pool construction: (Construction of Hang Tung swimming pool – Hanoi)
Construction of swimming pools - ManicuringBuilding swimming pools - Build up
Swimming Pool Construction - BackgroundBuilding swimming pool - Tiled
Construction of swimming pools - ErectionBuild swimming pool - Drain
Building swimming pools - Water treatmentConstruction of swimming pools - Complete

We have successfully executed some outstanding works such as:

  • Naval Pool – Navy Command
  • Military Technical Academy
  • Sailing villa – Ms. Luu Ngoc Tuy
  • Cao Bang Credit Center
  • The 12-acre tourist resort of TT Vac
  • TT phuong TT phan Ha Noi complex
  • InterContinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel
  • Nikko Hanoi Hotel
  • Sedona Suites Hanoi
  • MiPec tower Hanoi
  • The Empire Project Danang
  • Outdoor swimming pool complex apartment CT9 Van Phu – Ha Dong
  • Swimming pool ecological resort Mai Chau – Hoa Binh
  • Dai Lai Nhat Hang Swimming Pool – Vinh Phuc
  • Great Swimming Pool – Ba Vi
  • CT2 Building Toilets – To Hanoi
  • And many other great works …

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Thang Loi’s swimming pool design process:

– Understand the needs and purposes of
customers. – Investigate the location of swimming pool construction.
– Consult the shape of the swimming pool.
– Consult the depth of swimming pool suitable for use such as family, Plus, sports …
– Consultant use decorative materials such as PVC, Mosaic tile, natural stone or Composite …
– Consultant use filter technology suitable for each type of swimming pool ….
– Carry out the design and editing to finish the drawings that customers are most satisfied.

– Pool equipment

Thang Loi Company is capable of providing all kinds of materials, equipment and accessories to meet the needs of pool contractors with competitive prices, fast delivery and with extensive experience in the implementation of The project construction works we should be able to advise customers on the pros and cons of each device in different conditions.We provide the product portfolio:

+ Pool Equipment Europe:
 Swimming ladders, Rescue chairs, Jump bridges, Ponds, Water supply, Bottom hatches, Decking for pools, Sand filters, Filter pumps, Sterilization equipment, Water treatment chemicals, Swimming pool lights Ceramic swimming pool …
+ Pool equipment USA:
Filter, Filter, Lamp, Ladder, Accessories, Pool Cleaning Tools …

– Pool cleaning service

Providing pool sanitary kits: brush, aluminum sanitary bar, soft hose, garbage racket, pool suction table, swimming pool water box, suction kit, Water circulating water systems in the home, industry and competition

+ Water supply for boilers (Softener) automatically & semi-automatic

+ Provide materials, equipment for water treatment and water filtration, UV lamps, ozone machine

– Service maintenance, upgrade swimming pool

To increase the service life of swimming pools and equipment, ensure a stable operating system in order to best serve the business activities of customers in the current business environment. We provide our customers with maintenance services – a kind of professional technical service with high quality maintenance and technical support packages.

To our pool maintenance service, our swimming pool equipment will be taken care of by our clients on a monthly basis, and when a sudden problem occurs, we will be available to fix it. Moreover, we will have timely advice to customers in order to minimize any unexpected problems.

Type of maintenance service:

+ Regular swimming pool maintenance:

Service to ensure stable operation of the system due to periodic inspection and maintenance of swimming pool. The service is provided under the contract signed between the company and the customer. The customer’s pool system will be maintained periodically as per the contract. Details of maintenance content will be agreed upon by the customer.

+ Swimming pool maintenance on request:

System maintenance on demand is similar to system maintenance periodically except that the maintenance time is one time depending on the needs of customers.

Your benefits when using this service pack:

Protecting, minimizing equipment downtime or even pool systems can increase customer productivity and profitability. Maximum savings for investment in reserve equipment.

Ensure system operation is managed at the highest efficiency. Increasing the value of using swimming pool equipment, contributing to protecting customers’ investment in the best possible use of business.

– With a team of experienced staff, enthusiasm will bring you the most satisfied service.

– Our work process:

Step 1: Contact Thang Loi pool construction and design services to discuss and provide information on the demand that you would like to make.

Simply call  Thang Loi –  0972,679,333

Step 2: Thang Loi Company will send technical staff to meet customers for survey, analysis, evaluation, consulting and then collect information and quote for you.

Step 3: Agreed and agreed on the price, material for each item, the measures of construction, completion schedule and construction contract …

Step 4: Implement construction

Step 5: During the construction process, if any changes arise or decrease the landlord please confirm specific work to facilitate the appendix of the contract and settlement liquidation of the contract is smooth.

Step 6: Warranty works
We carry out warranty work as committed

– Pump warranty 3 years.

– Filter 5 year warranty.

– In addition to the warranty 1 change all items within 10 days.

– Commitment to products like Italy, genuine.

With professional procedures, Thang Loi Company will be the reliable address for you to build your swimming pool!

– Building swimming pool we pledge:

+ Free consultation for any problems of construction 24/24
+ Make the most suitable plan with optimal budget
+ Deploy the speed of work quickly
+ Handle and control the related problems well.
– Thang Loi has a team of survey engineers with years of experience. You will be completely assured and confident when entrusting the works to us.
– With a team of professional workers, skilled, enthusiastic, ensuring fast, neat and beautiful construction, we bring customers the most satisfied service.
– We have offices in 3 North – Central – South and are implemented in all 63 provinces in the country.
Please contact Thang Loi to get the perfect service for your project.

JSC Construction and installation of swimming pool Thang Loi

In the North
Address: Gate 7, Floor 2, B Stand, My Dinh National Stadium, Le Duc Tho, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi
Tel: 0972 679 333 – 024 6291 7687
Email: beboithangloi@gmail.com

In the Central
Address: 90 Thai Phien, Phuoc Ninh Ward, Hai Chau Dist. Da Nang
Mobile: 096 112 00 11 – 0901 679 333
Email: beboithangloi@gmail.com

In the South
Address: 102/30 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh St., Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist. Ho Chi Minh
Tell: 028 22 679 333 – 096 112 00 11
Email: beboithangloi@gmail.com

In Laos
Address: Km 11 DonNoun, Xaythany, Vientiane, Laos
Mobile: 02099151111
Email: beboithangloi@gmail.com


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